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Our Story is a business immigration consulting company whose's goal is to help entrepreneurs getting a US visa ( E-2, O-1, L1-A, EB-1, EB-2 NIW) faster and cheaper than with the common attorney, in order to create, purchase, a business or open a foreign company branch in the United States.

Legal advices are always necessary when applying for a visa , but legal counsel only, when doing an entrepreneur visa without any business experts can lead as well to major downsides as there's a lot of extra-fees that are not in your control ( Business plan , Document translation) and can cause sometimes many mistakes because of too many middleman and lead often to bankruptcies.

At Visa2get we have a double expertise, we gather the business and legal expertise, that is why we aim to have a cheaper pricing and give you a better job quality by gathering the best legal and business experts without extra fees, in any kind of field, from food business to real estate, fashion, hospitality, consulting, technology.

As a matter of fact, we help you get the fastest approval by studying and prepare thoroughly the immigration and business feasibility of your future business venture.

Our Team


Sacha Dahan

C.E.O & Founder of Visa2get

 U.S. Visa Business Consultant 


8961 Sunset Boulevard Suite 2C, West Hollywood, CA 90066

Tel: +1 424-466-8333


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